Blog #2: Little Fockers

If horror movies represent summer season, romantic and family comedy movies represent the winter season. Little Fockers (2010), is a sequel to Meet the Parents (2000) and Meet the Fockers (2004) featuring Ben Stiller, Robert De Nero, Owen Wilson, Dustin Hoffman, Blythe Danner, Teri Polo, and Barbra Streisand. In the movie Little Fockers, features the same casts as the before sequels and includes Jessica Alba.

In my previous experience in movie series, usually, the first movie is always the best. It’s not always the case as the Bourne Series were all fun to watch, X-men series were pretty good, Harry Potter series was good except for the last one, etc. I watched the movie with my friends and I didn’t have much expectations with it.

First of all, I had no idea Jessica Alba was featuring in the movie. I am a huge fan of Jessica Alba and I think she is one of the hottest actress even though she is married.  In the beginning of the movie, it starts off as Jessica Alba being a huge fan of what Ben Stiller wrote in his previous work and they become business partners. That caught my interest right away as a huge fan of Jessica Alba. As a frequent movie watcher, I kind of knew what was going to be the major issue between Ben Stiller and Robert De Nero, his father in law. The movie overall was pretty good than I thought. Owen Wilson as usual was funny in a weird sense and Ben Stiller does some great comedy acting as usual.

If you have watched the movie Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers, then I would definitely recommend you to watch Little Fockers as it is as much funny as the first and second series. Jessica Alba plays a great role where she will convince a certain amount men fans and I think it will be a great movie to watch if you are seeking a romantic family comedy movie.


Assignment #2

Log Line for the movie, “The Man from Nowhere”

1. Police detectives are trying to witness a happening of drug dealing in a club among gangsters.

2. A woman stripper who works at the club witnesses the drug first and decides to steal it from the gangsters.

3. The woman succeeds stealing drugs and she looks addicted to drugs.

4. The woman drives back home as she screams with joy inside the car.

5. A charismatic looking man lives at the same apartment as the woman does.

6. The man owns a pawn shop and his only customer who visits him is the woman’s daughter named Somi.

7. Somi is a sweet child who couldn’t receive any good education due to his mother’s addiction to drugs.

8. The man looks like a loner just like Somi and they feel a mutual bond to each other.

9. The gangsters find out who stole the drugs and they find out where the woman lives.

10. They torture the woman to find out where the left over drugs.

11. They find out the drug was located in the man’s pawn shop so they kill the man.

12. Two gangsters find the drugs and they tried to kill the man but he shows off his special move and beats them.

13. The man lets the gangsters go with the drug but the gangsters kidnap the woman and Somi.

14.  The gangsters tells the man they have kidnapped Somi so if he wants to rescue her, he needs to follow their instruction.

15. The man follows the gangsters instruction and delivers massive drugs to another gangster.

16. The gangster who kidnapped the woman and Somi sets the other gang up by calling the police detectives that they have drugs.

17. The gang who got set up gets caught by the police and so does the man who delivered the drugs.

18. In the scene, the man finds out the woman who stole the drugs were dead in the car truck.

19. Her body was terrifying, where her major organs were missing including her eye balls.

20. The police detectives tries to find out who the man is but they can’t find any record from 1999 until 2006.

21. The police detectives eventually find out the man’s name is Taesik Kim, and he was an ex-special agent.

22. The man, also known as Taesik, decides to break out from the police department because he needs to rescue Somi.

23. Taesik breaks out from the police department and tries to find the gangsters who set him up

24. The police detectives watches the CCTV and admires how good Taesik fights.

25. Taesik tracks the gangsters who kidnapped Somi by finding the gangsters customers and threatening them.

26. In the process of tracking, Taesik finds out these gangsters kidnaps homeless or useless people and take their organs alive and sells them.

27. He calls their number and acts like a customer and they decide to meet at a club.

28. Taesik gets into a fight with several gang members but the boss eventually runs away.

29. During the fight, Taesik gets shot by a gun and barely survives.

30. He finds his old friend and asks for help.

31. He rests until his injury is healed and his old friend provides him a pistol.

32. Taesik gets emotional and remembers his past.

33. When he was still active as a special agent, he had a wife who had a baby and he loved her so much.

34. Taesik was having his best times in his life as he awaited his wife to have a baby.

35. Taesik’s wife was waiting in the car with her baby inside the car outside.

36. Taesik went to buy some baby shoes and clothes for their future baby that was going to be born soon.

37. Taesik buys all the stuff and leaves the stores and sees his wife in the car waiving at him.

38. He gives her a big smile and waives her back.

39. As he walks back to his car, he witnesses a huge truck crashing his car, where his wife was inside, and gets killed.

40. The truck driver comes out, who was an assassin, and shoots Taesik couple of times, but Taesik eventually survives by backup from his force.

41. Even though Taesik was shot, he cries in shock as he witnesses his wife getting killed right in front of him.

42. Taesik wakes up from his horrible past, and realizes what he needs to do.

43. As he used to have a long hair, he cuts his hair short as he used to when he was active as special agent.

44. He gets receives the pistol which was provided from his old friend and gets ready to rescue Somi.

45. On his way tracking the gangsters, he finds out the gangsters use homeless kids to deliver and transfer drugs.

46. The point was that police detectives would never think little kids would have drugs.

47. He suspects that Somi would be one of the kids who would be delivering drugs so he follows one of the kids who transferred drugs.

48. After following this kid, Taesik finds a basement where they did the drug packing  jobs and they were using little kids for duty as well.

49. Taesik finds out Somi isn’t their, but he still kills everyone inside and rescues the homeless kids.

50. Taesik finds the gangsters boss’s brother and calls the boss to threat that he will kill his brother unless they let go of Somi.

51. The Boss gets mad and demands one of his elite crew to kill Somi.

52. The Boss and Taesik sets up a time and location to meet and Taesik eventually kills the boss’s brother anyways.

53. They meet at a building owned by the gangsters and sees at least twenty gangster crews including the boss.

54. The boss asked Taesik who the hell are you anyways.

55. Taesik replies I’m a man from nowhere and demands where Somi is.

56. The boss shows a bottle of water containing eyeballs and tells Taesik thats Somi’s and he killed her.

57. The boss demands where his brother is but Taesik gets mad and starts killing everyone with his pistol.

58. The boss is shocked that Taesik has a pistol so he goes back to his office and gets all his money and tries to run away.

59. Taesik saves his bullets and uses his knife to fight the rest of the crew.

60. As Taesik was a ex-special agent, he uses his knife fancy and kills everyone by cutting their major veins and making most of them bleed to death.

61. Taesik quickly catches the boss trying to run away from his car.

62. As the boss was trying to run away, Taesik shoots at the tires of the car so that he couldn’t run away.

63. Taesik tries to shoot at the boss but the car is bullet-proof so Taesik shoots at the same spot to make a hole to kill the boss.

64. After killing everyone, Taesik feels there is nothing left in his life and tries to commit suicide.

65. Then Somi comes out and lets him know that the boss’s elite crew who was told to kill Somi previously didn’t obey his order and let her go.

66. Taesik hugs Somi with tears and Somi asks Taesik if he came all the way to rescue her.

67. Taesik mentions how important she is to him and that he will take care of her.

68. The police arrives to the scene and takes over the case.

69. Taesik had to go to the police office because he killed so many people so he takes Somi to someone he trusts so that he can take care of Somi until he gets out.

70. Taesik asks Somi if he can hug him once before he goes to jail and Somi gives Taesik a big hug.

Blog #1: The Man from Nowhere

First of all, I know most American people are not familiar with Korean films but their movie industry has been improving every year and they are making some great films. Even though I’m from South Korea, I didn’t really enjoy watching Korean movies because I felt they were way behind Hollywood films. But all my Korean friends has kept on telling me to watch this movie “The Man from Nowhere” featuring star actor Won Bin. Since everyone was talking about this movie, I thought I should watch it anyways because I felt left out when everyone was talking about it.

The Man from Nowhere, is about Won Bin, also known as Taesik in the movie, is an ex-special agent becomes a loner after witnessing his wife getting assassinated and lives a crestfallen life where he runs his own pawn shop. His shop only had few customers and a little girl next door named Somi was one of his customers. Taesik realizes Somi’s life is as miserable as his because her mom is addicted to drugs so he feels a mutual bond with Somi. Then Somi gets kidnapped by a gang because her mother stole a large amount of drugs from them. Taesik decides to rescue her and as he gets deeply associated with the gang, he finds out how brutal this gang has been running.

After watching this movie, I said one word. “Wow.” The action scene was incredible. I was really impressed with the sound effects and how the main character Taesik uses his knife. I realized Korean films has some strength over Hollywood films. They are never good with huge scale, multi-million dollars worth with crazy graphics type of films. But they are really good with action scenes between gangs. Korean gangs don’t use guns often, but usually baseball bats, wooden sticks, or knives. This makes the action more intense instead of using a gun and just shooting someone. This is actually the first Korean movie that I felt worth watching and I would definitely recommend it to anyone including American people if there is English subtitles.