A show I’ve never watched before: Yes, Dear

I’ve recently visited my friends house who is basically a media creep. He records most TV shows and series possible and watches them all day long. I was bored and I was going through his list of recorded shows. I’ve decided to watch this comedy show called Yes, Dear which started from 2000 and ended in 2006. First of all, I personally think the TV episodes “Friends” is the best and the most hilarious TV show of all time. But I decided to come out of my comfort zone and start watching a new show.

Yes, Dear is a comedy about two young couples and their outrageously contrasting views on parenting. The first couple is Greg and Kim Warner. Greg has a successful career and Kim is a stay-at-home mother who is nearly a perfectionist. Her sister, Christine Hughes continually reminds her self that life will be perfect. Christine’s husband Jimmy works as a security guard and unconcerned about living under Greg and Kim’s guest house and feels compelled to share his philosophy to Greg about remaining a man even though he is married.

This episode was about Greg and Kim’s son Sam, who is four years old who has issues reading. As a perfectionist, Kim thinks his son might have some issues because his ability to read is slower than other kids. Then Christine starts to concern because a long time ago, she accidentally let Sam roll off her bed and hit his head on the floor. Christine eventually feels bad and confesses to his husband Jimmy. Then she finds out Jimmy has also done a similar thing. They all later find out Greg and Kim had similar accidents when Sam hit his head somewhere.

I thought this show was pretty funny. It wasn’t as good as any “Friends” episode but I thought it was pretty decent. Every time the little kid Sam was hit by something on his head, was probably the most hilarious part. I’m use to watch shows or episodes I’m comfortable with but I think stepping out of your comfort zone and watching something else even though you haven’t start from the first episode, it’s still pretty fun to watch any comedy episode like Yes, Dear.


2/25/11 Object as Environments Assignment

I personally thought this assignment was easier than last weeks assignment. First of all, having to do only 7 drawings to compare with 15 last weeks is a decrease in numbers of drawing. Also, since we don’t have to draw the same drawing three times like last weeks assignment, I felt more this was more easier. The challenging part of the assignment was how to use creativity in work. Also, it was difficult on how to apply the idea of a person who’s roughly a size of an action figure to the drawing relating it to my objects I drew. I feel like everytime I finish a drawing assignment, I feel I’m improving significantly in art.

Blog #5: 2011 NBA All-Star Weekend


It’s that time of the year. The 2011 NBA All-Star weekend, hosted by the City of Los Angeles started on February 18th. The All-Star weekend starts off with a celebrity exhibition game where East and the West celebrities play against each other. The BBVA Celebrity All-Star game were composed with singers, actors, former NBA players, and a current WNBA player. I personally thought this celebrity game was better because last year the team were composed with just sings, actors, and entertainers but this time there were actual former NBA players, which helped the game more entertaining. But guess what, Justin Bieber received MVP awards so that tells a lot.

February 19th was more entertaining. The second day of the all-star weekend starts off with Shooting Stars Competition, Skills Challenge, 3-point shootout, and Slam-Dunk Contest. Personally out of all these events, the most interesting and entertaining event was the Slam-Dunk Contest. To compare with last year’s dunk contest, it was a million times better. The creativity of how the players dunked was extraordinary. Since the Slam-Dunk contest has been going on for a while, it is very limited for nowadays players to do to make it a “special unique” dunk. But this contest was different. Javal McGee dunked on two basketball rims at the same time and dunked three basketballs at once. Serge Ibaka had some great acting and performance going on in his dunk. Blake Griffin showed off his athleticism and eventually won the match by jumping over a car and dunked it as no one has ever done. This was the most entertaining dunk contest since Dwight Howard performed the superman dunk on 2008.

Tomorrow, the main match will begin. The West will face off against the East on 7:00pm Eastern time and I think the East have the advantage. The power house has shift to the East and I think the East will dominant over the West even though they still have stars like Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony, and Dirk Nowitzki. But who knows.  Maybe Kobe might score 82 points to win the game.

2/18/11 Daily Drawing Assignment

For me this assignment was faily hard. I personally don’t enjoy drawing because I was never good at it and trying to look and draw something within 10, 5, and 1 minute was really tough. The hardest part was when I was drawing my car at the parking lot. I thought it would be a good idea but it ended up being the toughest drawing I did. It was hard because it had a lot of smooth curves and had a lot of point to give on the drawing. The easiest drawing was my living room. It was fairly easy to draw my TV, stand, Xbox, and my home theater system.











Blog #4: A classical Lakers VS Celtics

Yankees and Red Sox. Colts and Patriots. IU and Purdue. Spurs and Mavericks. Lakers and Celtics. There are many rivalries in the sports and it is doubtful to say the Lakers and Celtics is always a classical game to see.

February 10th 2011, another classic old rivalry match happened with some historical milestone by the Celtics guard Ray Allen. Kobe Bryant bumped fists with Ray Allen, a show of respect for a player who entered the NBA with him 15 years ago and had just become the leader in league’s all-time 3 point made. It was a historical moment as the Celtics fan gave Allen a standing ovation. Ray Allen passed Reggie Miller for the all-time 3 point made. But with all those historical moment on the side, the game went towards where the Celtics didn’t want.

The Celtics were up by 13 points during the second quarter but the Lakers didn’t want to lose again to the Celtics as they did in January at their home. In January, the Celtics visited the Lakers and despite Kobe Bryant’s 41 point game, they lost to the Celtics in a blow out. The Lakers, who are currently 1-7 against teams considered to be the “top” teams needed to make a statement they can beat good teams. Down eight at halftime, Los Angeles return from the locker room with a 10-0 burst, and it was back and forth the remainder of the third quarter. Lamar Odom opened the 4th quarter with a 3 pointer and the Lakers never gave back the lead to the Celtics. The Lakers gave revenge this time by winning the game 92-86.

This was one of a classical Lakers, Celtics game. I don’t usually enjoy watching the regular season of the NBA because it feels like players don’t play as hard as they do in the playoffs. But this game was more like a playoff atmosphere and the players played their heart out as if this was the NBA finals. Last year, the Lakers and the Celtics played in the NBA finals and it went to a classical game 7. This was that type of a game and you can never hate a classical rivalry game if you are a sports fan.

Blog #3: ESPN Super Bowl XLV Matchup Preview

Today I went on to ESPN, which is a daily routine in my life, to see if there is anything going on in particular in the world of sports. The ESPN was showing some key position matchups between the Packers versus Steelers for Super Bowl XLV, which will be happening in a few hours. I thought it would be a good idea for me to “pretend” I’m a NFL professional analyst and I pretend I am hosting a preview of the Super Bowl XLV position matchups between the Packers and the Steelers in my own way. This is how it goes.

When the Green Bay Packers last met the Pittsburgh Steelers 13 months ago, it was a “last moment” game where Ben Roethlisberger threw a last-gasp touchdown to win the game 37:36. And now they meed again on February 6th to declare who is the last team standing among the 32 teams that started this hard fought journey. The Packers and Steelers have been two of the most successful franchises in NFL history and regardless of the outcome,  the fans are sure to come out winners.

These are some position matchups between the Packers vs Steelers for Super Bowl XLV:

Quarterbacks: Packers – Aaron Rodgers / Steelers – Ben Roethlisberger

Both quarterbacks are not the best quarterbacks in the NFL currently but they both play with high mentality. If Aaron Rodgers keep up his game in the NFC championship, I believe Aaron Rodgers has the advantage for Ben Roethlisberger.

Wide Receivers: Packers – James Jones, Jordy Nelson, Donald Driver, Greg Jenning / Steelers – Hines Ward, Mike Wallace, Heath Miller

The Packers wide receivers have been playing great this season. When they do get it going, this team is unbeatable and can get through any defense. Skill-wise they might be better than the Steelers receivers, but they have more experience and I feel that will make the difference in this Super Bowl. I believe the Steelers wide receivers have advantage.

Running Backs: Packers – Brandon Jackson, James Starks, John Kuhn / Steelers – Isaac Redman, Rashard Mendenhall

James Starks has done a pretty good job for the Packers this season but not as good as the Steelers running backs. Especially Rashard Mendenhall will try to each every inch possible. I believe the Steelers running backs have advantage.

The Coach: Packers – Mike McCarthy / Steelers – Mike Tomlin

Mike Tomlin did a great job when his quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was suspended for a couple of games in the start of the season. He has the ability to not panic and be calm in intense situations and I think that will help a lot in Super Bowl. I believe the Steelers coach have advantage.

Franchise History: Packers – 9 NFL Championships, 3 Super Bowl Titles, 13 Conference Titles, 26 Playoff appearance / Steelers – 6 Super Bowl Titles, 8 Conference Titles, 26 Playoff appearance

The Packers and Steelers have been playing against each other since 1930s and the Packers lead the all-time series against the Steelers 18-14. As a franchise, the Packers do have more achievements than the Steelers so statistically, Packers is a overall better team than the Steelers in history. Packers have the advantage in franchise history.

I have a feeling the Super Bowl XLV will be a classic matchup. There isn’t going to be a lot of scoring but more through defense. The game 13 months ago between these two teams were one of the best games I watched and I’m really excited about this years Super Bowl. If I would pick a team I would choose the Steelers because of their recent success in the Super Bowl. I predict the score to be 27-23 Steelers.