Final Project


The finale of this course was probably the most enjoying of all time during the semester. As Michael mentioned during discussion he would choose to do this project over an exam, I would totally agree. This was probably one of the most fun projects I’ve done in IU. The only challenging part for me was using photoshop to add a shelter and a camp fire inside my picture. I wanted to take a picture of a wooden shelter and a camp fire but I could not find anywhere where they would provide them. Another challenging part of this was trying to figure out the camera angles for each shot. The easiest part of the project was except for one image, literally I just took a picture from my phone and I uploaded it. It did take some effort in trying to make it as same as I created the script before, but it wasn’t as time consuming as drawing assignments I did before. Overall, I think this course gave me a good idea of how to design shots, scripts, and use various programs such as photoshop and Google sketchup. I won’t even mention how much I improved my drawing skills through this class and I think it was definitely a benefitial course for me.


Parody of ESPN’s NBA 2011 Playoffs First Round Prediction

The NBA playoffs are finally starting on April 16th and many NBA fans are looking forward to this years playoffs. Even this years regular season was interesting as the Lakers didn’t know the seeding until they beat the Kings in OT on their last regular season game to clinch second seed in the West. Alright, to get to the point, these are the 2011 playoff first round match ups:


#1 Chicago Bulls VS #8 Indiana Pacers

The Bulls lead the regular season series by 3-1 and I feel the same way many Bulls fan feel. There is no chance the Pacers are going to beat the Bulls in a four game series and I believe the Pacers might get lucky and steal one game away from them. The Pacers offensive is just not good enough against the Bulls defensive and they have no answer to guard Derrick Rose.

Prediction: 4-1 Chicago Bulls

#2 Miami Heat VS #7 Philadelphia 76ers

The Heat lead the regular season series by 3-0 and even the 76ers have been playing great as a team, I still can’t imagine 76ers beating the Heat in the first round. There is no way they can stop LeBron James, Chris Bosh, AND Dwayne Wade. As above, 76ers might be lucky get steal one game.

Prediction: 4-1 Miami heat

#3 Boston Celtics VS #6 New York Knicks

The Celtics swept the Knicks during the regular season by 4-0 but I believe the playoffs will be different. Even though the Knicks haven’t win a single game against the C’s I think this would be an interesting series. Carmleo Anthony and Amare will make a difference and give a hard time to the Celtics defensively and you can’t leave out Mr. Big Shot Chauncey Billups.

Prediction: 4-3 Boston Celtics

#4 Orlando Magics VS #5 Atlanta Hawks

Surprinsgly, the Hawks lead the regular season series by 3-1 but the playoffs would be definitely different. The Magics are hungry for a championship and so is Dwight Howard. And it is scary when Dwight Howard steps up offensively when you already witness what he does in defense.

Prediction: 4-2 Orlando Magics


#1 San Antonio Spurs VS #8 Memphis Grizzlies

The regular season series are tied 2-2 between these two teams and I would say I’m really impressed in how the Grizzlies are playing without their star player Rudy Gay. Even though the Grizzlies are the definite under dog, I believe this wouldn’t be a total domination series due to Zach Randolph’s offense, Tony Allen’s defense, and Marc Gasol’s presence down low.

Prediction: 4-2 San Antonio Spurs

#2 Los Angeles Lakers VS #7 New Orleans Hornets

The Lakers swept the Hornets during the regular season 4-0 and I believe this would repeat in the playoffs. Even though the Lakers are not playing like champions recently, the Lakers will be right back for the playoffs. The Hornets are missing their leading scorer David West and there is no chance the Hornets can match the Lakers big. I won’t even need to mention about Kobe Bryant.

Prediction: 4-0 LA Lakers

#3 Dallas Mavericks VS #6 Portland Trailblazers

The regular season series are tied between the two teams 2-2 and this would be another interesting series as the numbers behind these two teams don’t matter. Both of the teams are well coached, have talent at every position, but are probably one or two player off the championship caliber team. Dallas players better offense through Dirk but the Blazers play better defense.

Prediction: 4-3 Dallas Mavericks

#4 Oklahoma City Thunders VS #5 Denver Nuggets

The Thunders lead the regular season series by 3-1 but I believe this series will be interesting. The Nuggets have blossomed ever since Carmelo got traded and are getting the most from their talent. But the Thunders bring Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook from offense and Serge Ibaka and Kendrick Perkins from defense to the table. This game could possible go to game seven but I believe the Thunders have too much to bring to the Nuggets.

Prediction: 4-2 Oklahoma City Thunders

Final Project Check Point 2

I personally like having check points in projects because it gives you a step-by-step idea of what you’re doing. This check point 2 drawing assignments was challenging for me because I’m not a really good drawer. But I do think this drawing assignment was the best out of all the drawing assignments I did in the past because I put the most time and effort. As the final project is approaching, and I am clearly aware it is worth a lot of points, I wanted to have a clear image of what I wanted to do in my final project. The most challenging part of the assignment was trying to cut down twenty thumbnail images into three storyboards. Also, trying to figure out what the best camera angle was for each picture was pretty thought consuming. The easiest part of the assignment was only having nine images to draw to compare with sixty images in the previous check point. I believe the final project coming up will require a lot of thinking and probably one of the challenging projects I’ve done.

Blog: MultiVision Conference


Graduates from Indiana University Bloomington who pursued their successful career in the communications industry from all over the country came back to school for the twenty-first annual Multivisions Communication Conference on April 1. The MultiVision conference was first held in February 1991 with six speakers and around 20 students attending. After multiple years, MultiVision continued to grow and evolve, as they now bring approximately 30 professionals from all aspects of the communications industry from all over the country. The purpose of the conference is to bring opportunities to students to learn about the real communication industry and give insights to students as a professional successor. I attended the “Script to Screen: The Process” at 1:00PM and I personally it felt like a press-conference. There was a table with five professionals and had two moderators asking general questions students might be interesting to hear of. After the two moderators finished with the press conference like interview with the professionals, they had an open Q and A section for students to ask any questions. As expected, there wasn’t enough time to proceed all questions from students and had to move on because they had other sections scheduled right after. Personally, my favorite quote from this experience is by Catherine Rubey, who is an writer and producer. She said, “As a writer, you need to take the answer “No,” because you will hear it all the time, but remember, never quit because there will be someone who will say “Yes.” I think this can apply to any career I will try to pursue, as I will need to get use to saying the word “Yes” more than “No” to work my way up through.


Final Project: Check Point 1

Story pitch #2

Story pitch #5

Story pitch #10

Before I started the project, I repeatedly read through the story pitches I created. I tried to imagine what types of images come up to my mind when I read through my story pitches until I had one complete idea. I wasn’t familiar with creating thumbnail images through a descriptive story pitch but I wanted to make it perfect as I tried to balance out the story in to twenty exact thumbnails. Trying to divide each part in to twenty different images was probably the most difficult part because I every story pitch, I felt I could finish it in within ten thumbnails but I had to divide them and be more detail as possible. Another challenging part was how I had to draw complicated images as I had no idea how to draw a zombie in a small thumbnail image. One of easiest part of the assignment was I just had to read thoroughly through my work I’ve done before and just think of an image. It probably took approximately more than an hour on each three story pitches because dividing each part and balancing took some time to think about. Overall, the assignment wasn’t that challenging because I already had a story pitch I created and I just had to simply imagine and draw. But as a horrible drawer and wanting to be a perfectionist, it took a consumable amount of time and effort to finish this check point.

Has the playoffs already started? Lakers VS Mavericks [March 31st, 2011]

Has the NBA playoffs have already started? Not yet but a typical playoff game atmosphere was shown on March 31st when the Lakers faced off the Mavericks. The Lakers are only a game apart from Dallas and they were fighting for the second seed in the Western conference as the playoffs are starting soon in mid April. Five players got ejected in this game (3 from the Lakers and 2 from Dallas) as it was a testy affair in LA. In a possible second round playoff matchup, this one really looked like the playoffs. Early in the fourth quarter Steve Blake got pushed by Jason Terry after he fouled Blake. Steve Blake came right back at Terry by chest bumping him and talking trash. Matt Barnes protected his point guard as he shoved Terry back and he got ejected with Brandon Haywood as he was just trying to stop the fight. Matt Barnes, Steve Blake, Brandon Haywood, and Jason Terry got ejected. Minutes later, Shannon Brown was later ejected in a small incident with Brian Cardinal. Lamar Odom came big as he hit three consecutive three pointers to make it a 18 point game deficit as the Lakers cruised passed the Mavericks 110-82.

As the playoffs are approaching, these type of games personally excites me. I’m not a huge fan of the NBA in regular seasons, but the playoffs are the real factor for me. This game was a playoff tension game and this game made me look forward for this years playoffs. The Lakers, who started off slow before the all-star game are now 16-1 after the all-star game and they are currently no doubt the best team in the NBA. It would be real interesting this year in who will be the last team standing, as there is MVP candidate Derrick Rose’s Bulls, the “Big Three” Miami Heat, the Celtics, the Spurs, and the defending champion LA Lakers.

Sweded Assignment: 3 Images

This is a overhead shot taken above the head from the scene I am Legend where Will Smith hides in the tub with his dog and his rifle. I emphasized trying to use the same equipment and my personal dog to follow the image. It wasn’t that hard for this scene as I just borrowed my military friends rifle and went inside my tub with my dog and took a picture.


This is a mid shot where it doesn’t have the the full size of the body but around half. This is a famous scene from the movie Top Gun, where Tom Cruise drives his motorcycle in the airport with the plane taking off in the background. I tried to emphasize with wearing a brown leather jacket and a sunglass on a motorcycle.


This is a overhead shot taken vertically above the head from the famous Lord of the Rings scene. I emphasized trying to make the same facial expression as Frodo, as I am looking at my ring desperately. I also tried to make the ring almost go inside my finger as it does in the original shot.


I thought this assignment was fairly easy. I didn’t need to use any complicated programs such as Photoshop or Sketchup but just needed to “swed” a famous shot from a famous movie. The most challenging part in the assignment was I am a Legend shot where I borrowed my friends rifle and my dog inside my tub. It was hard because I had to make my dog stay still in that position, as he tried to jump out of the tub every single time I tried to take a picture. Also, the Lord of the Rings shot was pretty challenging as it took me a while to figure out the facial expression from Frodo as I couldn’t resist myself to laugh. The easiest shot was the Top Gun shot, where I just had to pretend riding a motorcycle with a brown leather jacket and a sunglass.