Blog #9: NCAA March of Madness – Duke VS Arizona Sweet 16

As a huge fan of the NCAA Men’s basketball, I think this years tournament is unique in a sense. The teams that made the final four are Virginia Commonwealth, University of Connecticut, Butler, and University of Kentucky. There was a lot of upsets in this tournament, as no number one seed from tournament made it to the final four. Out of the upsets, I personally thought the Duke VS Arizona in Sweet 16 was the most impressive win. Even though Arizona has star player Derrick Williams, Duke players better than Arizona as a team and most analyst predicted Duke will win and make it to the final four. As professional analyst predicted, Derrick Williams had a monster half as he scored 24 points and single handedly carried the Wildcats only down by six points.

After I saw the half, I had two thoughts in mind: Derrick Williams is amazing. The other is, Duke is playing better as a team than Arizona and usually if you better as a team, then you win games. But when I saw the first half, I was amazed how Derrick Williams’s teammates stepped up and outplayed and outscored the Blue Devils by 55:33 in the second half. The top seeded Blue Devils were sent back from a regional semifinal for second time in three years.

After seeing Virginia Commonwealth beating Kansas University (another number one seed) today, I feel this years final four is unpredictable. As a huge fan, I am looking forward for this years final four and championship which will be held April 2nd and 4th respectively at Houston.


Assignment #6 – Treatment Fragments

1. An old factory, probably forbidden for years had something going on. Six mafias with suits were staring at a man who was tied on a chair. “So boss, what should we do with him?” Unlike the situation, the emotional expression between the mafias and the man were opposite. The mafias looked awed and terrified while the man tied on the chair had a big smile on his face.


2. “What the heck is going on?” A man looks out the window from his house after he hears a screaming voice outside. He doesn’t have a clear image because of the fog but he vaguely see’s a woman getting killed by three people and in front of them, he see’s seven people limping slowly towards his house.


3. The Lakers have the ball possession with four seconds left in the clock. It is game 7 of the NBA Championship and the Lakers have came back from a thirty point deficit and now only down by a point 98:97 against the Miami Heat. Lamar Odom in bounds the ball and passes to Kobe Bryant. He catches the ball, pump fakes, and takes a fade away jumper. Swoosh, the crowd goes wild and the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA title once again.


4. “Mr. Walker, are you aware this decision might lead to a significant loss to our company?” Fourteen wealthy business men were looking at me at the conference room as if I were crazy. I’ve told the board of trustees the decision I made will not change and I will take full responsibility of the result. “How can it possible go wrong if I’m investing in Blockbuster, the largest DVD rental company in the nation? Right?”


5. It’s been thirty four days since I’ve been in this island. I haven’t seen any boats or planes passing by and my foot is getting swollen from the long distance walking around the island in search for human life and food. Another disappointing day has passed and I slowly walk towards my shelter I have created.


6. I hear something loud up in the sky so I unintentionally look up. I see hundreds and thousands of flying objects which does not look like human inventions. I quickly took out my iPhone, took a picture of this extraordinary scene and send it to my friends.


7. After an exhausting work day, Brian came back from home and saw a horrifying situation. Brian’s wife and two sons’ were tied up on the ground looking terrified. One man had a gun pointing towards his family and his partner was searching for anything that could be worth money. “I’ll give you anything, please don’t harm my family.” The two men stared at each other, with a big smile on their faces.


8. “Hey, what’s going on man?” “Nothing much.” It was the same greetings, sports debate, lunch food, co-workers, boss, routine, and everything. I’m about to throw up in someone’s face because nothing special was going on in my life and I wanted a change. I started off saying “Fuc* You” to my boss and my co-workers who only care about sports. I left my work vigorously and went inside a club I’ve never been.


9. It was too late and the bus was already closed. I check my pocket and realize I only had five dollars. I had no choice but to take the subway back home even though I knew it is dangerous late at night. I went inside the subway and saw a woman sitting next to black men. I thought to myself at least there are some people in the subway. I sat down across from the people and realized the woman was staring at me. She did not take her eyes off of me until I was forcefully taken out of the subway the next stop by a group of teenagers. “We just saved your life miss, those two guys killed that woman and were trying to rob her until you went inside the subway and they acted nothing was going on.”


10. “Where am I?” I woke up in the middle of nowhere. I saw infinite amount of trees and nature surrounded me and realized this was a forest. I reached down my pocket and realized I had a pocket knife. I took it out thinking this would be a great defensive weapon to protect myself. I walked a couple of miles and reached to a point I could not further proceed. Then I saw an image I would see in my dreams. A forbidden city with infinite amount of treasures. “Baby.. Baby.. Are you okay?” I woke up with my wife’s jewelry in my hand and realized, it was, just a dream.

Blog #8: Sydney White

Seeking for a college life romantic comedy? Sydney White is a typical example for people who are trying to find romantic comedy movies in college life. The movie is about a college freshmen, Sydney White, pledges her mother’s once impressive sorority. After realizing the sorority has changed it wasn’t as what her mother claim to be, Sydney decides to leave and seek a different group and meets some socially challenging outcasts. Even though Sydney White has moved out in one of the most popular sororities on campus, her popularity grew and she accepts the challenge from her rival Rachel, who is the head of the sorority. They decide to compete in the Student Government Election for President and the movie is about the process during before the election and how her seven outcasts fight against the most popular sorority on campus.

I thought this movie wasn’t the best romantic movie, but one of those movies where you feel good and you want to go back to college. I liked how the movie concentrated on how minorities can come together and come over a popular group. During the movie, there was a point where all the minority groups came up and supported Sydney White because she marketed her campaign towards minorities isntead of major popular groups. She knew the minorities on campus plays a big role and if she can make all the minorities on campus on her side, she would have a chance to win the election. A movie with romance, moral, and good-will is one of those movies people are seeking for and I think Syndey White is a decent movie where it has a after taste of smootheness.

Final Project #2


            I would say this project was probably the most hardest and challenging project I’ve done in my entire life. I put so much time and effort on trying to make it as good as possible but it didn’t work out the way I wanted. The hardest part of the project was the process of using sketchup and Photoshop. I have never used both of the programs ever in my life and it took my so much time trying to figure out how to use the programs. To be more specific, it took a long time trying to figure out how to crop pictures and paste it inside my original image I made from sketchup. I did eventually find out how to do it but it was really hard try to make it look like one picture, as it still kind of look like they are all separated pictures. Also, coloring the picture as natural as possible was also a pretty tough task. Even though I could have printed it out and colored with my hand, I challenged myself using Photoshop and tried coloring as naturally as possible.

            After the project, I did eventually learn basic skills from Photoshop and the existence of sketchup. Even though the final image does not look what like what I have expected, I put all my ability and time available I have to make it as good as possible. This project is arguable the hardest project I’ve ever done, but I believe I learned a lot from it improved my basic skills of Photoshop and Sketchup. This class generally requires drawing and Photoshop and I have a hard time with them due to lack of experience. But I will accept the challenge and use this opportunity to improve my skills in design.

Bulls sweep the Miami Heat!

Is the Miami Heat in trouble? Last summer, LeBron James decided to join the Miami Heat with superstars Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. The whole nation went crazy and thought the Heat will be something and they will bring the championship ring back to South Beach. Although many people criticized LeBron James for ditching his team he played for seven years in national television, the fans in South Beach welcomed him with wide arms and greetings. The Heat started the season struggling and people could tell they haven’t played together enough and they don’t have experience as the two-time defending champions LA Lakers, or the Boston Celtics and Orlando Magics. But they later got the team together and started winning games, as they are currently 43-20, third place in the Eastern conference.

But recently, the team have been struggling and the media was criticizing the Heat for the ability to beat the top 5 teams in the NBA. They are currently 1-7 against the Top 5 teams, as the only team they beat was the Lakers.  Their ability to close out games are inefficient as the other top 5 teams. They manage to take the lead early against most teams, but they don’t have the ability to keep the lead and win the game. Couple of days ago, the Heat were winning the Magics by 25 points, until the Magics came back in the third and fourth quarter to win the game.  The Heat also got blown out by the Spurs by more than thirty points recently.

Today, March 6th 2011, the Heat officially got blown out by the Chicago Bulls by 3-0 in the regular season, and people are questioning if the Heat has the capability to beat championship-level basketball teams this year. The game was intense from the beginning. Usually, regular season games in the NBA are not as intense or fun than playoffs. But this game was different. I could feel the sense of urgency from the Heat as they were currently on a three game losing streak and the Bulls need to maintain second place in the Eastern conference to get good seedings in the playoffs. It was a defensive game and the Heat looked like they were playing good as they took a nine point lead in half time. But the number one defensive team this year shut down the Heat’s offense and made it a game by fourth quarter as the Bulls were only down two points. The fourth quarter got interesting, where they scored back and forth and maintained within the margin of anything-could-happen game. But the Bulls defense was too much for the Miami Heat (also by the performance of the number one MVP candidate Derrick Rose) and the Heat lost to the Bulls again by 87-86 at Miami.

I feel the Heat needs to do something. The playing style they are doing right now is not a championship caliber team. If they continue to play like this, they will not survive in the Eastern conference playoffs as they will probably lose to the Celtics or Bulls. They have the ability to win games but something is not working out and they better find it fast before they get in real trouble.


Project #2: Check Point 1

Process Statement:

            The song I chose for this project is “Rainbow Bridge” by Steve Barakatt. This song struck my head when I read through the project details because this is a song I personally like. I’m not a huge fan of piano or instrument performances but I think this song is unique in a sense. I love listening to music in particular but there isn’t a song besides “Rainbow Bridge” which makes me feels comfortable and don’t have to think about anything stressful. When I first heard this song, a couple of words came into my head: Love, peacefulness, freedom, and happiness. I repeated this song couple of times and tried to imagine a scene which would perfectly match this song. Then, I imagined a scene where a couple having a smooth romantic conversation at a restaurant.  The mood of the restaurant is romantic and both the man and woman have a huge smile on their faces during the conversation. They both look really happy and it seems there will be no trouble at all.

            I think the challenging part of this project will be the Sketchup model. I’m not familiar with the Sketchup software and I believe it will be challenging for me to learn how to create a restaurant and doing interior design as well. Obviously, the final version of the Sketchup model would be the most challenging task for me because of lack of knowledge of the software and you have to add hand-written elements, colors, and actual photos to the Sketchup model.

A show I’ve never watched before: Yes, Dear

I’ve recently visited my friends house who is basically a media creep. He records most TV shows and series possible and watches them all day long. I was bored and I was going through his list of recorded shows. I’ve decided to watch this comedy show called Yes, Dear which started from 2000 and ended in 2006. First of all, I personally think the TV episodes “Friends” is the best and the most hilarious TV show of all time. But I decided to come out of my comfort zone and start watching a new show.

Yes, Dear is a comedy about two young couples and their outrageously contrasting views on parenting. The first couple is Greg and Kim Warner. Greg has a successful career and Kim is a stay-at-home mother who is nearly a perfectionist. Her sister, Christine Hughes continually reminds her self that life will be perfect. Christine’s husband Jimmy works as a security guard and unconcerned about living under Greg and Kim’s guest house and feels compelled to share his philosophy to Greg about remaining a man even though he is married.

This episode was about Greg and Kim’s son Sam, who is four years old who has issues reading. As a perfectionist, Kim thinks his son might have some issues because his ability to read is slower than other kids. Then Christine starts to concern because a long time ago, she accidentally let Sam roll off her bed and hit his head on the floor. Christine eventually feels bad and confesses to his husband Jimmy. Then she finds out Jimmy has also done a similar thing. They all later find out Greg and Kim had similar accidents when Sam hit his head somewhere.

I thought this show was pretty funny. It wasn’t as good as any “Friends” episode but I thought it was pretty decent. Every time the little kid Sam was hit by something on his head, was probably the most hilarious part. I’m use to watch shows or episodes I’m comfortable with but I think stepping out of your comfort zone and watching something else even though you haven’t start from the first episode, it’s still pretty fun to watch any comedy episode like Yes, Dear.