Final Project


The finale of this course was probably the most enjoying of all time during the semester. As Michael mentioned during discussion he would choose to do this project over an exam, I would totally agree. This was probably one of the most fun projects I’ve done in IU. The only challenging part for me was using photoshop to add a shelter and a camp fire inside my picture. I wanted to take a picture of a wooden shelter and a camp fire but I could not find anywhere where they would provide them. Another challenging part of this was trying to figure out the camera angles for each shot. The easiest part of the project was except for one image, literally I just took a picture from my phone and I uploaded it. It did take some effort in trying to make it as same as I created the script before, but it wasn’t as time consuming as drawing assignments I did before. Overall, I think this course gave me a good idea of how to design shots, scripts, and use various programs such as photoshop and Google sketchup. I won’t even mention how much I improved my drawing skills through this class and I think it was definitely a benefitial course for me.


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