Blog: MultiVision Conference


Graduates from Indiana University Bloomington who pursued their successful career in the communications industry from all over the country came back to school for the twenty-first annual Multivisions Communication Conference on April 1. The MultiVision conference was first held in February 1991 with six speakers and around 20 students attending. After multiple years, MultiVision continued to grow and evolve, as they now bring approximately 30 professionals from all aspects of the communications industry from all over the country. The purpose of the conference is to bring opportunities to students to learn about the real communication industry and give insights to students as a professional successor. I attended the “Script to Screen: The Process” at 1:00PM and I personally it felt like a press-conference. There was a table with five professionals and had two moderators asking general questions students might be interesting to hear of. After the two moderators finished with the press conference like interview with the professionals, they had an open Q and A section for students to ask any questions. As expected, there wasn’t enough time to proceed all questions from students and had to move on because they had other sections scheduled right after. Personally, my favorite quote from this experience is by Catherine Rubey, who is an writer and producer. She said, “As a writer, you need to take the answer “No,” because you will hear it all the time, but remember, never quit because there will be someone who will say “Yes.” I think this can apply to any career I will try to pursue, as I will need to get use to saying the word “Yes” more than “No” to work my way up through.



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