Final Project: Check Point 1

Story pitch #2

Story pitch #5

Story pitch #10

Before I started the project, I repeatedly read through the story pitches I created. I tried to imagine what types of images come up to my mind when I read through my story pitches until I had one complete idea. I wasn’t familiar with creating thumbnail images through a descriptive story pitch but I wanted to make it perfect as I tried to balance out the story in to twenty exact thumbnails. Trying to divide each part in to twenty different images was probably the most difficult part because I every story pitch, I felt I could finish it in within ten thumbnails but I had to divide them and be more detail as possible. Another challenging part was how I had to draw complicated images as I had no idea how to draw a zombie in a small thumbnail image. One of easiest part of the assignment was I just had to read thoroughly through my work I’ve done before and just think of an image. It probably took approximately more than an hour on each three story pitches because dividing each part and balancing took some time to think about. Overall, the assignment wasn’t that challenging because I already had a story pitch I created and I just had to simply imagine and draw. But as a horrible drawer and wanting to be a perfectionist, it took a consumable amount of time and effort to finish this check point.


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