Sweded Assignment: 3 Images

This is a overhead shot taken above the head from the scene I am Legend where Will Smith hides in the tub with his dog and his rifle. I emphasized trying to use the same equipment and my personal dog to follow the image. It wasn’t that hard for this scene as I just borrowed my military friends rifle and went inside my tub with my dog and took a picture.


This is a mid shot where it doesn’t have the the full size of the body but around half. This is a famous scene from the movie Top Gun, where Tom Cruise drives his motorcycle in the airport with the plane taking off in the background. I tried to emphasize with wearing a brown leather jacket and a sunglass on a motorcycle.


This is a overhead shot taken vertically above the head from the famous Lord of the Rings scene. I emphasized trying to make the same facial expression as Frodo, as I am looking at my ring desperately. I also tried to make the ring almost go inside my finger as it does in the original shot.


I thought this assignment was fairly easy. I didn’t need to use any complicated programs such as Photoshop or Sketchup but just needed to “swed” a famous shot from a famous movie. The most challenging part in the assignment was I am a Legend shot where I borrowed my friends rifle and my dog inside my tub. It was hard because I had to make my dog stay still in that position, as he tried to jump out of the tub every single time I tried to take a picture. Also, the Lord of the Rings shot was pretty challenging as it took me a while to figure out the facial expression from Frodo as I couldn’t resist myself to laugh. The easiest shot was the Top Gun shot, where I just had to pretend riding a motorcycle with a brown leather jacket and a sunglass.


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