Has the playoffs already started? Lakers VS Mavericks [March 31st, 2011]

Has the NBA playoffs have already started? Not yet but a typical playoff game atmosphere was shown on March 31st when the Lakers faced off the Mavericks. The Lakers are only a game apart from Dallas and they were fighting for the second seed in the Western conference as the playoffs are starting soon in mid April. Five players got ejected in this game (3 from the Lakers and 2 from Dallas) as it was a testy affair in LA. In a possible second round playoff matchup, this one really looked like the playoffs. Early in the fourth quarter Steve Blake got pushed by Jason Terry after he fouled Blake. Steve Blake came right back at Terry by chest bumping him and talking trash. Matt Barnes protected his point guard as he shoved Terry back and he got ejected with Brandon Haywood as he was just trying to stop the fight. Matt Barnes, Steve Blake, Brandon Haywood, and Jason Terry got ejected. Minutes later, Shannon Brown was later ejected in a small incident with Brian Cardinal. Lamar Odom came big as he hit three consecutive three pointers to make it a 18 point game deficit as the Lakers cruised passed the Mavericks 110-82.

As the playoffs are approaching, these type of games personally excites me. I’m not a huge fan of the NBA in regular seasons, but the playoffs are the real factor for me. This game was a playoff tension game and this game made me look forward for this years playoffs. The Lakers, who started off slow before the all-star game are now 16-1 after the all-star game and they are currently no doubt the best team in the NBA. It would be real interesting this year in who will be the last team standing, as there is MVP candidate Derrick Rose’s Bulls, the “Big Three” Miami Heat, the Celtics, the Spurs, and the defending champion LA Lakers.


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